Safe, Efficient & Experienced


One of our key strengths is our strong safety culture. We consider safety as paramount and ensure international safety standards are being implemented and followed across our operations. Be Safe. Remain Safe.

For us, being safe is a way of living. It’s a journey that we follow not only in our operations but also in the rest of our daily life. We value a strong sense of safe culture and practices in our day-to-day lives and ensure we look after each other. It’s our way of saying thanks to all the families across the industries.


We are efficient in equipment planning and mobilization and drilling to meet a wide range of parameters (shallow holes of a few tens of meters deep to holes in excess of 2000 meters; vertical holes to shallow angle holes). We drill almost ANYTHING & EVERYTHING.

Our team is skilled in the latest drilling technologies. We can do oriented core drilling and can branch multiple additional borehole sections from one original borehole in order to intersect tightly spaced targets without having to drill multiple holes. By reducing the number of holes required to hit a suite of targets, this significantly increases the efficiency of project time and budget.


We have some of the best professionals in the industry with a wealth of experience in drilling in remote conditions and a wide variety of different geologies. Cumulative experience of 12 key personnel in our team exceeds 240 years in the industry.

Our expertise ranges in drilling in almost every commodity from Iron Ore, Coal, Zinc, Nickel, Copper, Gold, Bauxite, Chromite & Uranium in both challenging and remote environments.